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What Clients Are Saying

"Virginia is wonderful. She allows the process to be what it is and lets you go where you need to go. She never pressures, she only guides. And that was a nice change from the doctors and therapists who wanted to create dependency. It is my belief that hypnotherapy is the best therapy because it is led by your own higher self. You, with the help of Virginia, heal yourself."
— L.B, West Hollywood, CA

"Hypnotherapy with Virginia has been a life-changing experience to say the least. The benefits have been countless. The most significant improvements have been, greater confidence, self-acceptance, peace of mind, and realizing what I want out of life and attaining it!

Virginia is a great counselor, we have covered so many bases, from dreams to balancing my checkbook and getting a handle on my finances. She even gave me an awareness of my contribution at work which resulted in a 33% raise. I now live in a beautiful place where I can create my art."
— Brandon Bessey, Wildlife Artist, Santa Ynez, CA

Stop Smoking
"I had been smoking for 30 years and didn’t believe I could stop. My doctor gave me such a scare, I had to do something. Hypnosis was like a miracle, much easier and less painful than I imagined. I have not had a cigarette in three years. I feel this saved my life!"
— PC, Los Angeles, CA

"Virginia's expertise helped me to embrace my deepest desires and feel them as realities in my every-day life. Our work together raised my creativity to a new level and affirmed that I am following my true path."
— Beth Davis, Life Coach and Hand Analyst

"I have found that hypnotherapy has been in valuable in allowing me to focus on specific issues and work them out in a non-threatening environment. It's been tremendously helpful to me emotionally, giving me peace of mind and a more positive outlook on the challenges I face."
— K.B., Topanga Canyon, CA

"My husband and I really enjoyed learning HypnoBirthing through your guidance. While I cannot say that my labor experience was totally pain-free, the HypnoBirthing did help me to focus and remain calm during labor. My attending nurse mentioned how relaxed I seemed to be during much of the labor. HypnoBirthing also really helped my husband to be more involved in the birthing of our daughter. Through the practice he was able to use the keywords and phrases to help me through each contraction. I think it helped him to remain calm as well! We both learned so much about our options for the labor through discussions with you about putting together a birth plan. The videos in particular were great for my husband to get ready for what to expect in the delivery room. It was important to both of us to try to have a natural childbirth, and to be as educated as possible about the many things that can happen during labor. Your course definitely prepared us for that. Thank you again for your help!"
— Lauren Shadid, Architect, mother of Sophia Elizabeth

Infertility & Medical Procedures
"After dealing with infertility for 3 years decided to have a hypnotherapy session with Virginia. She helped me identify my fear. Virginia came through with her soft, guiding voice. With her help, I was able to envision the Invitro process in my head and completely relax my body during the procedure and for the next critical 3 days. As I write this, I am 3 months pregnant! Virginia, you are my angel sent from heaven!"
— M.M. Los Angeles, CA

Test Anxiety
"I enthusiastically recommend hypnotherapy with Virginia to anyone preparing for licensing exams. I only wish I had invested the money before paying for multiple test fees and numerous study materials."
— Althea Herrel, LCSW, Los Angeles, CA

Overcoming a Broken Heart
"Unresolved feelings from past relationships had kept me stuck and unable to move forward into a new and healthy relationship. After working with Virginia I have felt more resolved, peaceful, and confident, and as a result I have met and begun a relationship with someone wonderful and just right for me."
— T.W. MFT, PHD, Los Angeles

Fear of Driving
"I can’t tell you how much your 5 sessions have changed my life. I have flown 3 times without drugs and am driving over the hill to the valley drug free without anxiety. I truly believe you have a special gift and I am better off because of our sessions."
— O.C., Westwood, CA

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